Winter Protection Valet – 5 reasons why

Jaguar F Pace Caesium Blue

Protecting your vehicle’s exterior during the winter months is more important than many may consider. Here are five good reasons why our Winter Protection Valet proves an invaluable investment.

Winter Protection Valet in pictures
Winter protection or 6 month protection valet

1. Protection

Protect from the elements – after all, this is what it is about. Winter does not just bring the cold, it brings salt to the road and many other contaminants that will damage unprotected paintwork.

2. Prevent rust

Prevent rust and oxidisation – if contamination is left to sit on an unprotected surface, it can begin to degrade areas of the paintwork, causing it to become rough and be of inconsistent colour.

3. Maintain shine

Maintain shine and gloss – we all love that new car feeling. Just because it is winter, does not mean that we should give up on it. A good winter wax protection will lock in shine and the natural vibrancy of your car.

4. Easier care

Keep your car looking its best. A winter wax protection will work hard for you all winter. The frictionless finish it leaves on the surface reduces the need for regular maintenance washes.

5. Higher residual value

Maintain your car’s value. For most people, their car is the second highest value purchase they will make. And most people do not like to throw away their money! Maintaining your vehicle’s exterior during the most demanding period of the year is a sure way to maintain value.

Protection for your bank balance as well as your car.

The GCV Winter Protection Valet

The Winter Protection Valet is one of our most comprehensive services, and is particularly popular with customers who generally like to maintain their own car, but like us to get the vehicle to the best possible starting condition.

If you would like peace of mind before booking this service why not check out customer reviews on Google here?

If you have any questions about the Winter Protection Valet please contact us for free advice on 01903 785626, or use the button below to book now.

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