Diamondbrite Paint & Fabric Protection

With modern, delicate paint finishes, many dealers will offer customers the opportunity of having the paintwork protected with a specialist sealant that chemically bonds with the paint. GCV provides the ultimate in paint and fabric protection with JewelUltra’s Diamondbrite system, one of the market leaders in this field.

Diamondbrite Paintwork Protection
Diamondbrite Ultra Care Pack

How it works


Modern, delicate, clear-coat paint finishes, whilst environmentally friendly are prone to damage from road salts, traffic film, acid rain, tree sap, insect fluid and other atmospheric pollutants. The durable protective skin provided by Diamondbrite prevents such harmful substances coming into direct contact with your car’s paintwork.

Diamondbrite paintwork protection, when carried out by an approved applicator such as Goring Car Valet, is covered by a guarantee against colour fading, as well as from damage caused by bird droppings if washed off within 7 days.

Once treated with Diamondbrite, you’ll never have to polish your car again. Your vehicle will look as good as it did when it left the showroom, thereby improving its resale value. Another major benefit of Diamondbrite’s high gloss-finish is the ease with which dirt and grime is washed off the paintwork.

The first stage solvent cleans, prepares and adds the initial protection layer to the painted surface. This first stage cleans the paintwork of all contaminants, removing any airborne particles, dust, fallout and any pre-delivery wax residues. This level of preparation is required before sealing the paintwork with the Diamondbrite protective film. Once applied, the Stage 1 liquid, which contains two different types of hardener is left to adhere to the painted surface resulting in the high polarity molecules becoming bonded to the surface paintwork. This dries slightly, giving an opaque look, but not becoming fully cured, and not being removed until after the second stage is applied. The blend of hard carnauba wax that can withstand high ambient temperatures, can be highly polished to give a deep shine.

Stage 2 is a blend of natural waxes and oils combined with a nano ceramic. It is an oil-in-water emulsion containing the main part of the protective coating and is applied directly onto the semi-cured Stage 1. As the Stage 2 is applied, the high grade ceramic fills and covers the minute pits and troughs that are associated with paint finishes and any other blemishes within the surface paintwork. The high polarity chemicals then adhere to the surface, sealing the paintwork. Once cured, all residue is removed leaving it slippery and smooth to the touch. The finished surface repels everyday dirt, and beads water spray and rain off quickly, and guards against paint fade caused by ultra violet rays.

Cloth upholstery and carpets can also be protected with Diamondbrite.

During the Diamondbrite Professional Fabric Protection process each fibre is coated with an invisible resin based material. After treatment your cloth upholstery will be guaranteed against normal everyday spills and stains. Diamondbrite Fabric Protection has been successfully tested with tea, coffee, hot chocolate, alcohol, milk, fruit juices, cola, fizzy drinks, chocolate and grease from foodstuffs. All of these were repelled by the treated fabric and either passed straight through the weave without staining or beaded up allowing an easy wipe away.

Vehicle carpets take so much abuse that often simple vacuuming is not enough. Fabric Protection seals the fibres to enable dirt and grime to be more easily removed. As with cloth upholstery, it also helps cleaning any spillages.


As part of the Diamondbrite service, we will provide you with a comprehensive aftercare pack.

Diamondbrite Ultra Care Pack

The comprehensive after care pack includes all the products you will need to keep your paintwork looking pristine. The pack generally contains the following, although the manufacturer may vary the contents:

  Foaming shampoo
  Glass cleaner
  Ceramic glaze
  Traffic film eliminator
  Upholstery cleaner
  Hand sanitiser
  Microfibre cloth
  De-mister pad

Aftercare can be carried out by us on a regular basis or by you.  After washing the vehicle with the shampoo, the Conserver, though not essential, should be used to provide a monthly top up to the already highly protected paintwork surface. It is an emulsion containing a very hard protection with a high melting point, and adds a further protective coating, with increased hydrophobic protection through continued use. As Conserver also contains a traditional ceramic it can be used neat to remove any stubborn imperfections such as tar spots.

Regularly vacuum clean upholstery and carpets to prevent the build up of dust and dirt. If spillages occur, immediately soak up excess liquid with a dry cloth or paper towel.
In the unlikely event staining occurs, we can clean the affected area and retreat it if necessary.

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Since 2006 we have tried similar products such as AutoGlym Lifeshine, GardX and Supagard, but have concluded that Diamondbrite provides the superior long-term protection.

Before your car’s interior and exterior surfaces are protected the vehicle is given a full valet to ensure that only perfection is sealed in. The price quoted includes a valet to our Gold level but additional services may be purchased if required, although if your car is brand new then this should not be necessary if the dealership has correctly PDI’d the car.

Mercedes E250

Mercedes E250 Diamondbrite treatment in Angmering

Mazda CX3

Mazda CX3 Diamondbrite treatment in Worthing

Aston Martin DB9

Aston Martin DB9 Diamondbrite in Ferring

Diamondbrite is for used cars too

The Diamondbrite system may be used on vehicles of any age although the benefits are greater on new and nearly new cars.

By using GCV to protect your car, you can be sure you will receive an uncompromising service. Unlike dealerships, who may take less than an hour to complete the work, GCV will spend up to a day carrying out the level of protection selected by you. Additionally, GCV is usually more competitively priced and you will receive customer service that is second to none.

Please click here for more information on the Diamondbrite protection system, or to discuss your specific requirements, please call us on 07958 429415.

Performance results

Diamondbrite test results

Diamondbrite test results

Superb job on a Skoda Octavia

“Goring Car Valet have just undertaken the full Diamondbrite treatment for my SKODA Octavia Estate and I must say that John & Diana have performed a very good job on this car, which is the fourth car they have worked on for us. The finish is excellent and with good housekeeping by us we will be able to maintain the finish for many years to come. Thank you both very much for such a professional finish.”

Mr W in Rustington