Convertible Soft Top Cleaning by Goring Car Valet

Here at GCV we specialise in convertible soft top roof cleaning. We carry out a two stage process that will return your convertible top to a condition as close to new as is possible without actually purchasing a new top.

The first stage employs a Cleaning solution that removes grime and ingrained dirt without impairing the appearance of the convertible car’s fabric and is safe for use on all fabrics.

The second Proofing stage will re-establish the original ‘as new’ waterproof weather barrier of your convertible top. The enhanced formulation has the added benefits of UV factor protection and a mould/mildew growth inhibitor to ensure your convertible top looks like new for longer.

The Proofer will help to prevent the harmful penetration of everyday dirt into the fibres of new and old convertible top material and help to keep the ‘as new’ look for even longer.

Before you consider a convertible top repair or replacement, try our soft top care service.

If your convertible top incorporates a plastic (perspex) rear screen it may appear cloudy. This is caused by microscopic scratches that form every time the soft-top is folded. We can apply a polish that restores transparency, removes cloudiness, reduces scratches and staining, and cleans and conditions. The result is a screen providing greatly improved visibility.

Prices for the Soft Top Care Service vary according to size of top and overall condition. Unfortunately we can not give a firm price until we have seen your vehicle. The Valet Menu provides an indication of price.

Audi A4 transformed

“Thank you for transforming the roof of my wife’s Audi A4. You have done what I thought was an impossible task in removing the green algae that had accumulated over the past few years. Excellent value for money, and I will not now need to buy her a new car! Thank you again.”

Mr H in East Preston


Does your convertible roof look like this?

Mini Roof Before Clean
Mini Roof After Clean
Jaguar XKR Convertible Roof Before And After Cleaning

Jaguar XKR Convertible Roof Before And After Cleaning