GCV – Cloudy Headlight Restoration

Why are my headlights cloudy?

In days of yore, headlights were made of glass but from the 1980s on, polycarbonate became the manufacturers’ material of choice. It offered increased safety and well as a reduction in weight.

Headlight before restoration
Headlight before restoration
Headlight after restoration
Headlight after restoration

The result is that headlight lenses (polycarbonate is a form of plastic) can become oxidised and cloudy over time when exposed to sunlight. This UV damage causes a lack of clarity that can seriously impare visibility when driving at night and, if left, can lead to MOT failure. Rather than having the expense of replacing your headlights (which can be hundreds of pounds), our cloudy headlight restoration service restores clarity to the plastic, for safer driving and clearer night-time vision.

Our headlight restoration process

We use products and process that clean, polish, seal and protect your headlights. These will eliminate cloudiness and discolouration to provide you with top quality night visibility and a fresh new look for your vehicle.

Our process of cloudy headlight restoration comprises several stages. The first, sanding, involves the use of multiple grades of sanding disk on a DA polisher to ensure oxidation, scratches and imperfections are completely removed.

The next stage, polishing, first uses a compound to remove the scratches introduced in the sanding stage. This is followed by a polish to restore the shine and clarity to the headlights. This is when the magic happens!

After polishing, we apply a durable wax followed by a UV resistant sealant. These coatings ensure that the newly corrected finish will stay in the same condition for as long as possible.

The benefits of having your cloudy headlights restored

  • Improved aesthetics – the lights will look as they did when your car left the factory
  • Increased safety – there is no loss of light as the headlight beam is no longer diffused by the oxidised lens
  • Your car will not fail the MOT as light is emitted as originally intended
  • The restoration process is significantly cheaper than replacing the entire headlight
SEE more clearly today!