Love Your Car… Again

Jaguar F-Type SVR

The low cost way to a “new” car

Over time, with a few exceptions, the majority of people’s cars start to look a little jaded.

With everyone leading such hectic lives, keeping the car looking like new can often be low on the list of priorities. Unintentionally, the bodywork can get dirty, acquire minor parking scuffs and hedgerow scratches, and before you know it you are driving a vehicle that you are less than proud to be sitting in.

Our professional valeting service can literally transform your car. For the majority of customers our Gold level valet is adequate, but for dull, oxidised paint, minor swirl marks or scratches, our Platinum level valet is more appropriate. This includes a single stage machine polish to deal with those paintwork imperfections.

Look good on the inside too

It is inevitable that with children and pets that car interiors can soon appear more than a little neglected.

Sweet wrappers, food crumbs, drink spillages, and just general dust and dirt quickly accumulate to make the car interior look less than inviting. We can remove all of these with either a Gold or Platinum level interior valet. “Tide” marks where dust and moisture have mixed can be removed with upholstery cleaning (standard for Platinum valets) and more stubborn stains can even be steam cleaned.

For cars with leather upholstery, we recommend regular cleaning and treating with a leather conditioner. This helps to keep the leather supple and reduce the possibility of it cracking.

The environmentally friendly option

Replacing the car is financially not an option for some people, and for anyone will result in a significant loss in real money terms due to depreciation. As well as the financial cost, there is the environmental cost of building, and ultimately scrapping, another new car. We genuinely feel that happy ownership of vehicles can be extended simply by having them valeted. Perhaps just once per year, or a little more frequently to keep on top of heavy use. No matter how often you have it done, we are confident you will not want to sell it after we have valeted it.

We really want you to love your car… again!

Customer reviews

Everything one had hoped for. Had forgotten the car could look as good as new if cared for. Will definitely use again and recommend. Many thanks it was a pleasure to have you here.
Mr C in Worthing

This is the second time I’ve used GCV and am extremely pleased with the service they provide. As I own a big dog there are lots of dog hairs inside and the outside gets very muddy. I don’t have hard standing ‘off road’ to clean the car so they collect and deliver. The car is returned looking as good, if not better, than new. I would thoroughly recommend this company to anyone wanting top quality service and value for money.
Ms B in Littlehampton

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