Memories of May

Porsche 718 Boxster

The month of May has continued where April finished, literally and metaphorically. Motor homes and caravans have featured this month with customers preparing their vehicles for the next break, or getting them ready to sell as they are purchasing a replacement. It is also at this time of year that customers take stock of their convertibles’ roofs, and decide it is finally time to get them returned to new condition.

Sadly, we are not able to feature every vehicle valeted here, so if you had your car cleaned, valeted or protected by us but it does not appear please do not be offended! There could be many reasons, not least of which is that we forgot to take appropriate photographs!

Motorhomes and caravans

The Compass Rallye caravan here received our Silver valet which incorporates a thorough wash and wax, including the roof, skylights and locker openings.

The Compass Avantgarde motorhome was being prepared for sale. It received a Gold valet, in particular addressing extensive black marks on the roof. These were all removed and the vehicle returned to excellent condition.

If you require your motorhome or caravan to be cleaned, take a look at the range of valets we offer. We may not be the cheapest but you will receive an exceptional job!

Compass Rallye caravan
Compass Rallye caravan
Compass Avantgarde motorhome
Compass Avantgarde motorhome
Compass Rallye caravan

a couple of convertibles

Just a couple of the transformations we have completed this month.

Both the Saab 9-3 and Chrysler Sebring roofs were generally in poor condition. They were very green (rather than black), slightly faded and had lichen growing in places.

Following extensive, deep cleaning, the roofs were recoloured and then reproofed. The resultant finish helps reduce dirt and moisture getting in the fabric ensuring the new appearance stays that way as long as possible.

Some regulars

Our work brings us into contact with vehicles that range from classics to everyday runabouts to luxury limousines. When we work on the same vehicles on a regular basis it is easy to become blasé about them.

Here is a couple; the Golf GTI had Diamondbrite paintwork protection applied by us when new and we have maintained it since on a regular basis.

The Mercedes SLK is a little older but certainly not looking its age. We have maintained this bi-monthly for the past 7 years. By using industry-standard best practices the risk of introducing swirl marks is kept to the absolute mininum. As a result, the paintwork looks almost as new – definitely not the same as the supermarket car park job! Contact us now if you would like your car to be carefully valeted on a regular basis.

Mercedes SLK exterior
Mercedes SLK exterior
Mercedes SLK interior
Mercedes SLK interior

Thoroughly protected with Silex ceramics

This Volvo XC60 is an excellent example of why you should get Goring Car Valet to apply new car paintwork and fabric protection.

The vehicle was supplied by the Volvo dealership who had offered the customer standard paint protection for a price similar to that which we charge for the entire vehicle. During the dealer’s PDI, the bonnet and nearside rear wing were badly scratched. Following a comprehenisve multi-stage wash, using an electric polisher we corrected this damage. We spent an entire day working on the vehicle, preparing and applying Silex Professional Coatings to all surfaces inside and out. This range of latest generation silicone dioxide sealants provides long-term hydrophobic protection.

It is worth noting that this type of protection is not carried out by dealerships. If you are offered Autoglym Lifeshine, Williams Ceramic, Supagard, Stargard, A-glaze or anything else by the dealer, it will be akin to the Diamondbrite we also offer. Whilst this is perfectly adequate for the majority of customers, for superior protection and minimal aftercare, in our opinion Silex takes it to the next level and is comparable to Gtechnic and Gyeon products.

Come rain or shine...

Few of us like working in the rain, but come rain or shine we have the answer.

With our pop-up canopy we can protect your car when it is raining as well as provide shade when it is sunny. At this time of year when the exterior surfaces can become too hot to work on, the shade provided by the canopy ensures we can still provide you with the best results.

Audi A1 valeting under canopy in the rain
Audi A1 valeting under canopy in the rain
VW Golf after a full valet

and finally

We chose these two as they are a little out of the ordinary.

We have worked on the 1990s Micra for our customer periodically for many years. It is in amazing shape for its age and a credit to the “one careful lady owner”.

The VW Caddy converted for wheel-chair access is not one we come across every day. A little different but an outstanding result. If you have a Motobility vehicle, or your car is adapted for wheel-chair access, give us a call if it needs to be valeted, and we will transform it for you.

1990s Nissan Micra full valet
1990s Nissan Micra full valet
VW Caddy mobility crew van full valet
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