Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

tar on paintwork

After a long winter of wet, snowy and icy weather your car’s paintwork is likely to be covered in all sorts of contaminants.

A good wash will get rid of most contaminants but not all of them, especially those that can cause the biggest problems.

Certain contaminants become bonded to the paintwork and require a different removal process. It is important to remove such contamination as it can damage the paintwork and reduce the effectiveness of the application of a wax or sealant.

After winter we suggest covering all bases to remove contaminants and leave the paintwork in perfect condition in preparation for long term protection. Our valeting services include:

  1. Tar, glue and tree sap removal (standard on our Gold exterior valet)
  2. Iron particles caused by rail dust and brake dust removal (standard on our Platinum exterior valet)
  3. Industrial fallout removal

Tar, glue and tree sap

Tar and glue removal is carried out with the use of a solvent that softens the offending material allowing it to be removed with a cloth without damaging the paintwork. If your vehicle is covered extensively by these contaminants there will be an additional charge, which we will confirm after inspection.

Rail and brake dust

By using a clay bar we are able to remove iron particles caused by rail dust and brake dust. A clay bar is the classic detailing process to remove organic and inorganic contaminants that chemicals alone will not remove. Clay bars come in various grades from gentle to aggresive. With careful use, those at the gentle end of the spectrum can be used to good effect without adversely affacting the paintwork. For contamination that is seriously embedded or baked on, the more aggressive clays are used but often result in marring of the paintwork. This marring is corrected with a single stage machine polish which usually results in a reflective finish considerably better than before claying occurred.

Industrial fallout

Removal of major industrial fallout employs the two methods outlined above as well as careful use of various spirit- and water-based cleaners.

Whilst all the above are extremely effective at removing contaminants, detailing brands are constantly developing new technology to prepare the paint’s surface for polishing, waxing or sealing, and here at GCV we are always looking for ways to provide our customers with the best possible service.

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