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Memories of May

Porsche 718 Boxster

The month of May has continued where April finished, literally and metaphorically. Motor homes and caravans have featured this month with customers preparing their vehicles for the next break, or getting them ready to sell as they are purchasing a replacement. It is also at this time of year that customers take stock of their […]

Time to get your top off…

convertible soft top cleaning

It is the time of year when, after months of cold and wet weather, we can start to look forward to dry days, warm sunshine, and driving that is infinitely more enjoyable. For those with convertible cars, those folding fabric roofs come into their own during the next few months; wind in the hair, warmth […]

New car? Paint, glass, wheel, leather and fabric protection

Ceramic paintwork protection

Here we explain why you should choose Goring Car Valet to prepare and apply paint, glass, wheel, leather and fabric protection over the dealership’s offering.  Opinions expressed are based on extensive knowledge and experience gained in this business since 2006. Whilst we refer to new cars, the same principles regarding protection systems apply to used cars […]

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

tar on paintwork

After a long winter of wet, snowy and icy weather your car’s paintwork is likely to be covered in all sorts of contaminants. A good wash will get rid of most contaminants but not all of them, especially those that can cause the biggest problems. Certain contaminants become bonded to the paintwork and require a […]

Love Your Car… Again

Jaguar F-Type SVR

The low cost way to a “new” car Over time, with a few exceptions, the majority of people’s cars start to look a little jaded. With everyone leading such hectic lives, keeping the car looking like new can often be low on the list of priorities. Unintentionally, the bodywork can get dirty, acquire minor parking […]

The Gold Standard Explained

Gold valet

The valet menu outlines what each type of valet includes.  We are not the cheapest but we aim to be the best. Here we explain how our Gold standard exterior valet goes above and beyond the competition in delivering customer satisfaction. Treat the alloy wheels with non-acidic wheel cleaner Spray door and boot shuts and fuel […]