Winter Protection Valet – 5 reasons why

The Winter Protection Valet is one of our most comprehensive services, and is particularly popular [...]

New car? Paint, glass, wheel, leather and fabric protection

Here we explain why you should choose Goring Car Valet to prepare and apply paint, [...]

Coronavirus (Covid-19)

We just wanted to remind all our lovely customers that we are still here and [...]

February’s flirtations

Why ‘flirtations’? Well, to the uninitiated, and first-time customers, our services are often just casual involvements [...]

January’s jewels

Unseasaonably dry weather at the start of the month followed by the expected mix of [...]

December’s delights

Yet more wind and rain this month, with a little added chill, made the month [...]

October’s outstandings and November’s notables

The challenging weather has continued these last couple of months. It has been rather wet [...]

It’s time to protect

It is around now that our customers’ thoughts turn towards protecting their vehicles against the [...]

August and September’s showcase

August and September have proved challenging weather-wise, from dealing with temperatures in the high 20s [...]

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